Local Vendor Program

Wind farm construction is a very specialized process, but it requires common products and services, many of which can be found locally. The typical construction duration for a wind farm is approximately nine months from the start of construction to the commercial operation date. The work consists of upgrading and building new stone roads, forming and pouring large concrete foundations, installing underground electrical systems and overhead high voltage transmission lines, constructing a project specific substation, erecting the wind turbine tower and generator, and completing the mechanical and electrical connections. In addition, there are other general or community needs.

To learn more about the types of services that are needed to support wind farm construction, visit our Building a Wind Farm page.

Below is a list of descriptions for the types of services that will be needed to construct the Roaming Bison Wind project. To learn more about our Local Vendor Program or to sign up, please visit our Local Vendor Signup page here.

Local Vendor Directory

Arrow Property Solutions
Aaron Wall
(765) 362-1050
[email protected]

Arthur Excavation
Jacob Arthur
(765) 918-2809
[email protected]

B & L Engineering Inc.
Shawn Blackwell
[email protected]

Central Indiana Rubber
Todd Douglas
(765) 362-7790
[email protected]

Cline Trucking
Terri Cline
(765) 230-0362
[email protected]

CP Products, INC
Amanda Douglas
(765) 361-6805
[email protected]

Craw-Con Inc. - Concrete
Roy Hurt
(765) 366-5877
[email protected]

Davis Morrison Realty
Greg Morrison
(765) 366-1521
[email protected]

Deckard Surveying
Roger Azar
(317) 373-7175
[email protected]

Deckard Surveying
James Harpel
(765) 376-5217
[email protected]

Dick's Pump Service
Kurt Kessling
(765) 367-9855
[email protected]

Equipment Rental
Glenn Lighthart
(765) 359-1702
[email protected]

Esra Construction
Josh Pribble
(765) 401-0624
[email protected]

Etter Ford
Kyler Etter
(765) 362-5400
[email protected]

Farmers Agency Insurance
Annette Peach
(765) 362-1605
[email protected]

Fugate Lawn & Landscape
Byron Fugate
(765) 225-9811
[email protected]

Get On Point Promos
Shelley Allen
(317) 762-4309
[email protected]

Instrument & Control - Contractor
Wayne Nevitt
(765) 225-3805
[email protected]

MacAllister Equipment Rental
David Rosenbarger
(765) 479-0467
[email protected]

NAD Energy
Steve Weir
(865) 740-5859
[email protected]

Newton Welding
Dillin Newton
(765) 376-8267
[email protected]

Nprint Copy & Design
Michele Humphreys
(765) 362-7300
[email protected]

Office Space/Storage - Previous owner of Sommer Metalcraft
Scott Sommer
(765) 376-2066
[email protected]

Peace Field Welding
Zachary Young
(765) 323-4230
[email protected]

Preferred Global, Inc.
Roger Hodges
(800) 317-2450 ext. 8007
[email protected]

Harold Menan
(765) 366-2270
[email protected]

Scott Portables
Nikki Scott
(765) 942-2086
[email protected]

T & S Trash Service
Samuel Newlin
(765) 866-0372
[email protected]

Transportation specialty services
Matt Allen
(765) 366-9100
[email protected]

USA Lawn Care
Derek Martin
(765) 376-7233
[email protected]

USA Lawn Care
Tami Martin
(765) 267-0663
[email protected]

Wood Group
Pat Dwyer
(864) 316-8474
[email protected]

Wund Landscaping
Autumn Crowe
(765) 918-6631
[email protected]