Meet the Team

Kent Dougherty

Kent has worked for Apex Clean Energy for nearly a decade and has been in the renewable energy industry for just over 11 years. He has developed 1,500 megawatts of now-operating wind facilities and has worked on projects in Indiana, Oklahoma, Texas, Michigan, Virginia, and Illinois. As a director of project development, Kent oversees a team that focuses on land leasing and project permitting, and he coordinates with the numerous specialists who contribute to a project’s development, including in wind resource, engineering, public engagement, and grid interconnection.

Kent is a strong believer in the promise of renewable energy, not only for the environmental benefits it brings, but also for the strong economic development opportunities it creates in the form of manufacturing and skilled service jobs and as a powerful source of local community revenue. He also believes in the energy security it delivers for our nation, weaning us from foreign energy sources and helping to build a new and transformative electricity infrastructure that will power our economy into the future.

Kent holds master’s degrees in urban and environmental planning as well as in landscape architecture from the University of Virginia. He and his wife, Sophie, have lived in Charlottesville for over 20 years and spend some of their free time working in the garden, but most of it happily chasing after son James, 8, and daughter Maeve, 6.


Meagan Van VurenMeagan_Van_Vuren.jpg

Meagan has worked for Apex Clean Energy for almost three years. Prior to her current role as a development manager, Meagan worked in Apex’s Land department as a property analyst, where she managed land leases. As a development manager, her primary focus is on potential projects across Indiana. Previously, Meagan worked as a paralegal, and she has an extensive background in law, ranging from corporate to estate law. 

Growing up in a rural farming community in the Shenandoah Valley region of Virginia, Meagan developed a passion for the environment. She understands farming and the benefits of land use for a bigger cause. Meagan is a firm believer that renewable energy takes us closer to being able to live off the land, whether through crops or the animals we harvest, without worrying about the possibility of having our resources contaminated. 

Having moved with her husband and two sons from Napa, California, Meagan is happy to be closer to her roots in Charlottesville, Virginia. She earned her bachelor’s degree from Virginia Tech and is a certified paralegal. She loves to spend her free time with family and friends, traveling, and being outside in just about any capacity.